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Paid Surveys! Paid Online Surveys for Money?

Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys! Paid Online Surveys for Money?


Paid Online Surveys – Can You Earn a Full-Time Income Taking Surveys Online?

Let’s See…

Home-based employment and income opportunities abound, which is why so many people are walking away from jobs they hate. We love the idea of staying at home with our kiddos. And truth be told, so do our wallets!

As I’m sure you know, child care is anything but cheap these days.

Of course, while the concept of working from home seems like a dream-come-true for most of us, it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. For example, it requires plenty of self-discipline and schedule setting.

A small price to pay, certainly. But it’s easy to fail if you don’t act as your own best disciplinarian. If you can do this, then the chances are you will LOVE it!

When working from home, you naturally get to enjoy optimal flexibility. You can work when you want, chill when you want, and be there for your family as needed. Again, YOU call the shots. 🙂

Paid online surveys are among the fastest, easiest, and most popular “home income generation” methods in the world today. And this is for good reason…

Literally hundreds upon hundreds of companies are desperate for your opinion (regarding WHAT will obviously vary) and are willing to pay you for it. This informs marketing agencies of their target audience’s wants, needs, and spending habits… among many other things.

In this article, we are going to discover the best way for you to cash in big with this exciting (and very real) opportunity. You’re about to discover ALL THINGS PAID SURVEYS, including the steps necessary for you to get started, the amount of money you can expect to make by participating in paid online surveys, and lots more.

May this serve you well…

How Online Paid Surveys Work:

To get straight to the point, you will sign up for a vast multitude of individual survey conducting (market research) companies. Each day, you will receive several paid survey invitation emails in your inbox.

You get to pick and choose the survey invitations that you accept. For each survey you finish, you will receive the amount of money that you were promised in the invitation email.

In many cases, the surveys that you complete will pay you between 10 and 75 dollars for 20-30 minutes of your time. If you accept an invitation to a focus group, and you are accepted, you can expect to earn much more… oftentimes in the neighborhood of $250 for maybe 2 hours of participation.

Your earning potential with paid surveys will be very much dependent on the number of companies that you sign up with, and therefore how many email invitations you receive on a daily basis. If you sign up with hundreds of companies, you may very well stand to earn HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on a daily basis!

It’s possible… and it’s being done by real people like you and me right now.

Let’s do some math…

If you’re able to complete just 10 surveys per day, in your spare time, and each one pays you 15 dollars (very possible when you’ve signed up with enough survey companies), then that’s an easy $150 in your pocket each and every day… for maybe 3-4 hours of “work.”

Not bad, my friend. 🙂

Throw a few focus groups into the mix, and this number can skyrocket. Clearly, the ability to earn a full-time online income with paid surveys is within your reach. But before we go getting too excited, let’s address the potential elephant in the room…

Paid Survey Companies Pay for Your Opinion… But WHY Oh WHY Are They Willing to Do That?

When a company is gearing up for a product (or service) launch, they are able to conduct the proper research in advance of the launch simply by conducting public surveys.

This is a far more cost-effective way of gathering the data they need, taking it straight from the “mouths” of their target audience. If the overall feedback is negative, then the company may choose to postpone their launch and/or tweak their offer. This can save them millions!

For this reason, these companies are more than willing to shell out a few thousand dollars to their survey and/or focus group participants. Knowing what their demographic REALLY thinks before committing to mass production and marketing… THIS is why so many companies are willing to pay YOU for your opinion! 🙂

What Types of Paid Online Surveys Are There?

1. Statistical Surveys:

As their name suggests, these are surveys used to conduct population research.

These are useful for political, governmental, medical, social, and even marketing purposes. Depending on the specific type of intelligence the agency or organization hopes to gather, you may be asked for either your opinions or plain facts.

These are typically very structured surveys… and are quite basic. They have likely been standardized. This ensures that the questions you are asked maintain their reliability. Each individual who completes this type of survey will have been asked precisely the same series of questions as the next.

2. Serial Surveys:

This type of survey can be tricky… literally! You are often asked the same questions in different (or sometimes the same) way in order to gauge the consistency of your opinions.

With serial surveys, you’ll find that there are two main kinds… You’ve got “longitudinal” surveys and “cross-sectional” surveys. The distinction isn’t too important. I’ve heard it described as cross-sectional being delivered to many individuals at once, while longitudinal are given to one individual at separate time intervals. I honestly have no idea what this means! 😉

What I do have an idea of is the different formats through which paid surveys are conducted.

paid phone surveysOne of these formats is the good old telephone. Phone surveys are a low-cost solution for companies with a limited market-research budget.

These types of surveys obviously have plenty of limitations, however.

In particular, there’s the survey-taker’s inability to truly test or experience the product in question. They’re limited only to an audio presentation.

This is certainly not ideal.

Another delivery method which has been in use by survey companies for many, many years is “snail mail.”

This can be relatively affordable for the research companies, as they receive bulk discounts on postage.

Even still, there are obvious reasons why this type of survey is quickly going the way of the dinosaurs… not the least of which is the considerable time it takes to send and receive surveys, as well as to deliver payments.

This brings us to the root topic of this article…


Today, the whole world is online. And when it comes to surveys, the Internet is undoubtedly king. Online surveys are cheap to conduct, quick and convenient to participate in, and can render much faster payouts.

So let’s talk a bit more about this survey type, and how you can actually benefit in a major way…

Getting Started With Paid Online Surveys:

paid surveys blogThere are two things you really need to consider when getting started with free online surveys. Do you only want to take surveys with guaranteed payouts… or are you also willing to take surveys that will pay you in prizes or drawing entries?

We recommend starting out by only selecting those which are guaranteed to pay you cash. After all, most people looking to take online surveys are doing so because they want to get paid! 🙂

So while we’re starting out, let’s separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Let’s skip the survey sites with “alternative payment” structures.

If you’re on a tight budget, and want to get started for FREE, there are free online directories that can help some. Now before you get started with any directory, free or paid, you’ll first want to do yourself a favor and set up an email account specifically for receiving survey invitations.

After all, you will be signing up for dozens, if not hundreds (recommended, if you’re truly serious about going full-time with this) of market research companies.

The Starter Directory is a good place to… ummm… start. It’s not necessarily as up-to-date as it could be. Some of the companies in its database seem to no longer exist. But you can certainly cut your teeth there and get signed up for a few reputable opportunities.

We’ll also list a few market research companies below that you can get started with.

This list will likely NOT be updated (I personally use paid directories to keep up to date, and encourage you to do the same, if you can afford to do so).

So if any of the companies listed below should go the way of the dinosaur, I’m sorry.

Just remember, if you’re using directories (free or paid) to find reputable market research organizations, be mindful not to sign up for the same organization more than once. There is likely to be overlap from one directory to the next.

Tips for Early Paid Survey Success:

Your first step will be to grab RoboForm. You can get started for free using the link I just gave you. This software is an absolute life saver! It will allow you to store all of your general info (name, email address, payment preferences for YOU to get paid, desired username and password, etc).

This will save you HOURS signing up for each survey company manually, as you can literally get set up in seconds with this convenient, push-button solution.

In addition to RoboForm, you will also want to have a Paypal account. Many market research companies pay this way. I stress that you want a Paypal account. You don’t need one.

You can almost always receive payouts in check form… or perhaps other means (pre-paid cards, bank deposits, etc). But if you can open a Paypal account, you’ll be better served, in my humble opinion.

We’ve already discussed this, but it’s worth mentioning again… You want to sign up for MANY market research companies. Really, the more the merrier. Of course, if you ONLY want to focus on those that pay cash, then you won’t be signing up for as many. But still, sign up for as many cash-paying programs as possible.

gold opinions surveys

The invitations will come in fast and furious. You may receive dozens (or even hundreds) of invitations per day. Most of them will tell you what they’ll pay you (and what the survey entails) right in the subject line, so you can literally scroll through your inbox and pick the most “appetizing” opportunities for you. Keep an eye out for focus groups, too! These tend to have higher payouts, and can be quite a bit of fun.

When signing up for each paid survey site, be sure to be pretty thorough when filling out your profile… this will help the company to only send you the most relevant opportunities.

This means you’ll be more likely to receive only invitations that apply to you, and you won’t waste so much time filling out screening questions for surveys that you’re not qualified to complete. This can also have the effect of INCREASING the number of invitations you receive. You may receive fewer invitations the less these companies know about you. So play ball! 🙂

If earning cash is the name of the game for you, then you’ll want to say you’re interested in subjects even if your interest is only very mild.

Finally, don’t necessarily dismiss non-cash opportunities.

Prizes can be pretty great (gift cards, gadgets, etc.) and drawings are… well, they’re okay… I personally don’t like trading my precious time for a “maybe,” but it’s still an opportunity that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. I guess. 😉

Above all, do your best to be honest when answering questions. You’re being paid for your honest opinion. These companies need (and deserve) to know what their target audience REALLY thinks. Please maintain an ethical mindset.

This is a two-way street, so let’s not game the system. After all, you are helping to shape the marketplace. That’s something you can feel proud of. This truly isn’t “money for nothing.”

Let’s take another, more concise look at our best tips for success with paid surveys…

  1. Create an email account specifically for surveys (Gmail is fine).
  2. Register with free and paid networks, for maximum opportunity.
  3. Sign up with TONS of relevant market research companies (as many as possible).
  4. Use RoboForm to make this process 10x faster and easier.
  5. When you receive invitations, participate!

    The more surveys you take, the more money you earn. Not only that, but you’ll be viewed as a dependable, consistent survey participant, which may result in you receiving invitations for more high-paying opportunities.

Perhaps most important of all, it is critical that you’re always honest. We’ve already discussed this, but these companies are willing to shell out money to gain an ACCURATE insight into their market. And they will NOT take kindly to being “fooled.”

If you’re caught lying in an effort to be approved for surveys that you’re honestly not qualified to take, you will likely be booted from the program. There goes an income stream. Worth it? Nope.

Besides, you should easily receive enough invitations for surveys that you DO qualify for if you do, in fact, sign up for with hundreds of research companies. Easily.

And when you participate only in surveys that match your interests, they will be more enjoyable for you, as you’ll be offering opinions on topics and products that genuinely speak to you.

I simply cannot overstate the importance of being extremely aggressive with the number of research companies that you sign up with. Remember, you only have to go through this mass signup process once. Then, you’re dialed in for life.

So take the time now.

Finally, it is worth noting that you should only sign up with each market research company once. Multiple accounts with a single company can result in your termination from the program. Just be mindful of this.

How to Find the Best Online Paid Surveys:

In many ways, this is a subjective matter. One person’s goldmine may be another person’s landfill. 🙂

That’s because we’re all passionate about (or at least interested in) different things. And if a particular survey is not applicable to you, then you can bet that you’re not the right person for that company (or at least not that particular survey).

The interests that you express in your survey profile will go a long way in determining both which AND how many surveys you will be approved for. Basic demographics will also play a role. Age, gender, income, etc. may all factor into which survey opportunities you qualify for. This should be pretty obvious.

With that said, I would assert that we all have one thing in common… we want to be adequately compensated for our time and participation. So using that as our “True North” objective aim, let’s cover a few of the more well-known and reputable market research companies.

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